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Vivica Steer Reflects On Arrival

Born and raised on the Island of Jamaica, I grew up with a passion for helping others. During high school, I wanted to become a fashion designer and learned to sew. After graduating from high school, I was led into the field of customer service and accounting. For many years I was unsure of what I wanted to do as a career. I knew for certain however, that I wanted to serve and assist people.  My journey to completing my master’s degree first began with an undergraduate degree in Guidance and Counselling after which I immediately got accepted to pursue the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University.  


In my transition from Jamaica to Canada, acculturation was not as challenging as it was for many as I had visited and vacationed in Canada multiple times prior. I experienced the well-known “dreaded cold” in the extreme north of Manitoba with winter as low as -53 degrees Celsius.  I spent Fall, Winter and Spring in Ontario and moved to Dartmouth Nova Scotia, at the beginning of summer to accept a job offer as a Counselling Therapist with Spectrum Therapeutic Solutions. 


Nova Scotia reminded me so much of home in Jamaica with the ocean, lush vegetation, and hilly terrain.  I am loving the weather so far and enjoying the transition process.  It most definitely feels like home except for the changing weather conditions.  I have found Nova Scotians to be very friendly, kind, and pleasant.  Though it was a bit of a challenge finding an apartment I received much support through friends and a church home at The Refuge UPC in getting settled. My experience so far has been great.  My plans outside of work includes seeing more of Nova Scotia in my spare time and enjoy the province as much as I can.  


At Spectrum, I hope to positively contribute to mental health in Nova Scotia with my training and experience. I am a Registered Counselling Therapist-Candidate (RCT-C) with Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapist (NSCCT). I am highly motivated, empathetic, and dedicated to providing exceptional client care to individuals seeking guidance to navigate the complexities of personal life and mental health challenges.


I provide a non-judgmental and safe space for individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, abuse, trauma related symptoms, grief and loss, self-esteem issues, relationship challenges, family, and interpersonal conflicts, among others. I am a Client-Centered and Cognitive Behaviour oriented therapist who utilizes unconditional positive regard and empathy with techniques such as psychoeducation, cognitive processing, cognitive-restructuring, behaviour activation, emotional regulation, and mindfulness to help clients achieve their therapeutic goals. I believe strongly in building therapeutic relationships, facilitate connections, engender warmth, and allow the clients to feel heard and supported throughout the counselling process.


I eagerly look forward to working with Nova Scotians and gaining the added benefit of enjoying life in Nova Scotia as well.

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