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Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing in the heart of Dartmouth with our comprehensive Group Therapy treatments. We provide an inclusive, compassionate setting that champions diversity and respect, offering support and care to people from all walks of life. Whether you’re grappling with life transitions, mental health issues, or the need for a supportive community, we’re here to empower your healing journey with our expertly facilitated group sessions.

Group Therapy Treatment & Support
What is Group Therapy

What is Group Therapy?

Group Therapy is a therapeutic approach that involves regular, structured meetings of individuals facing similar challenges. Facilitated by a skilled professional, it provides a safe space where participants can share experiences, learn new coping strategies, and harness the power of shared empathy and understanding to catalyze their individual growth. As a participant, you’re not only given a platform to express your emotions and confront your concerns, but you also have the unique opportunity to draw strength from others who are traversing similar paths, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual empowerment.


What are the Benefits of Group Therapy?

Benefits of Group Therapy

Participation in Group Therapy can be transformative. Not only does it offer the comfort of shared experiences, but it also allows for the cultivation of empathy and understanding. Participants can gain new perspectives, learn practical coping strategies, and build supportive relationships, which can be instrumental in fostering resilience and personal growth.

Felicia Burchell B.Sc.O.T., (Reg NS,NB,PE), MEd (Counselling), RCT, CCC

I graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy in 1989

Vivica Steer B.A, MA (Counselling), RCT-C, CCC

My passion for helping has led me on a path to achieving an M.A. in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University, NB and a B.A. in Guidance and Counselling

Emilee Musgrave MA Candidate

Emilee Musgrave, is also a lover of downtown Dartmouth. Emily is doing her Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University. She also holds a Bachelor of Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent University.


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Our diverse range of

Group Therapy offerings in Dartmouth include

Grief Counseling Group

Navigate the complexities of loss with shared understanding and empathy.

Seniors' Psychotherapeutic Group

Explore challenges and changes in later life with peers.

Concurrent Disorders Group

Overcome the dual challenges of mental health issues and substance misuse.

Retirement or Job Loss Group

Successfully navigate significant life transitions and their emotional impact.

Community Group

Unite with your local community to promote mental health and well-being.

Senior Mental Health Group

Address the unique mental health needs and concerns of seniors.

When Would I Go Into Group Treatments?

Group Therapy can be beneficial for those experiencing loneliness, grief, anxiety, depression, life transitions, and other mental health challenges. It’s especially suitable when you feel the need for a supportive community, when individual therapy may seem overwhelming, or when you’re ready to learn from the experiences of others.

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Frequently asked questions

Group Therapy aims to promote self-understanding, resilience, and healthy coping strategies by leveraging shared experiences and mutual support.


Group Therapy involves regular, structured meetings facilitated by a trained professional. Participants share experiences, support each other, and learn new coping strategies.


A valuable feature of Group Therapy is the sense of belonging it provides. This shared understanding and collective empathy can greatly enhance the healing process.

One key characteristic is its focus on interaction. This helps participants gain insights into their own behavior and learn new ways of relating to others.


Group Therapy is grounded in various theories, including cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and humanistic approaches, each aimed at fostering self-awareness, emotional growth, and improved interpersonal skills.