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New Beginnings: A Refresher

I was greeted by a foggy mist in the distance and more green than I had ever seen in my life. My former home back in the USA is known for its vast expanses of brown barren desert and mountain ranges. The water in the air, in the lakes, and in the ocean is foreign but welcoming to me. I came to Nova Scotia for new beginnings, for myself and for my family. The rejuvenating and life nourishing water felt like a sign of good things to come. I am excited for the new opportunities, challenges, and growth that is sure to come.


I began practicing therapy 5 years ago and have since then cultivated and shaped my counseling style and therapeutic practices. I use a trauma-informed solution focused approach to help children and families both in and out of crisis. I have worked in school systems and private practices with children and adults. I am so excited to extend my services and practice to a new country and new community, one that I hope to grow my own roots in.


I have always had a deep seeded need to help the people and communities around me, though when I was a child I did not yet understand it would be through therapy. My own pathway to mental health was guided by a need to understand the stories in my own life and the stories of those surrounding me. I found I had a knack for listening to people and helping them sort out their own thoughts and concerns.


I am a firm believer that each person holds their answers within themselves, they often however, need a safe place free of judgment and shame to sort through their thoughts. I believe that it is my job to learn from, help guide, and help sort through the difficult patterns and practices we face. I work to help teach new skills and reinforce personal goals that are set together by both client and therapist. I love to hear people’s stories and work with them to heal what needs healed and achieve their aspirations. I believe that one of our greatest gifts is the ability to connect and grow together. I want to work with people to achieve just that.


I am a multifaceted individual, as many of us are, a newcomer, a mother, a partner, an advocate, a creative, and so much more. I am a member of and strong ally for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, and work to create a safe and inclusive environment for all people. I constantly work to strengthen and deepen my knowledge of the world around me and the people who occupy it. At Spectrum Therapeutic Solutions I hope to help those who have had a hard time figuring out how to get their children or families the help they need. I want to work with our surrounding communities to assist individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, burnout, familial conflict, communication struggles, and so much more. I am here to be a service to our community and the people in it. I look forward to getting to know Nova Scotia and Canada as a whole.

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Anxiety, Change, Child and Family, Counselling, Family Therapy, Learning, Mental Health, Therapy

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