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Learning Across The Spectrum

A year ago, when Felicia and I started planning for this phase of Spectrum, we looked at our passions. One that we both identified was professional development for our team. Not a big challenge to promote amongst professionals that whole heartedly embrace training and development as therapists do. In fact, it is required for continued registration in Nova Scotia.


For Felicia the role comes easily. She has been mentoring new therapists and students for many years. Whether it be occupational therapy or counselling therapy, you will find Felicia supporting tomorrow’s new therapists. Despite her experience, she continues to pursue new knowledge and training believing we can always be better.  She also shares her knowledge, experience and skills with boards, presently the board Secretary with the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists (NSCCT).


The hunger for knowledge and training I witness with Vivica amazes me every day. If I have a question, she is always quick to direct me to that wonderful resource, YouTube. Since she joined us, I would bet she has attended a dozen trainings and conferences all over North America. After we attended the first responders Helping the Helpers conference last month, of the experience she wrote “I endeavor to do all possible to help our helpers.”


We were thrilled to be selected by Acadia University’s Masters of Education program to host a therapist during the winter 2023 semester. We are honoured to be able to support Ella in her education and training. Working alongside her as she counsels men, women and children of all has been inspirational; watching her learn and develop and grow. Her clients love her too. 


Ella has a long history of working with people, helping them through physical issues as a massage therapist. Ella learned people have a need to be seen and heard physically and emotionally. As she said, “People need to be witnessed and heard.” 


As for myself, I continue to learn every day. I am learning about the industry, policies, boards, people, and systems. I am also learning the ropes of working in the private sector. Lot of new roles. Love the flexibility we have to help. The speed of decision-making. I do miss core funding: dah.  More learning and sharing to come.


All of the experiences our small team brings to the table makes us more relevant. Through the consultations with occupational therapy and mental health professionals across the province and discussions with referral agencies, it is clear that we are relevant. We have a great deal to do and share. After all, we are here to do more, for more. Continue filling the gap.


All for now. Sean

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Learning, Professional Development, Team, Therapy

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