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Common Relationship Issues Couples Therapy Can Help With

Common Relationship Issues Couples Therapy Can Help With

There has always been a sort of taboo around couples therapy. Many see it as a last resort in trying to save a doomed relationship or are scared even to consider it, fearing what society would think. 

However, in the past decade, couples therapy and counselling have been perceived by many to be an essential component of maintaining a strong and happy marriage.

This is because couples therapy isn’t just designed to help save failing marriages. It can also be an effective tool to help partners better understand each other, strengthen bonds, and resolve underlying conflicts to help relationships blossom and stand the test of time.

The growing popularity and demand for couples therapy is a testament to its effectiveness. That is why we compiled this article to help couples understand how therapy and counselling can help with various types of common relationship issues.  

7 Types of Common Relationship Issues Couples Therapy Can Help With

  1. Improving Communication Skills

One of the leading reasons for degrading marital relationships is the lack of communication between partners. In fact, according to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy(reference at end), 70% of couples seeking therapy can attribute lack of communication as the central issue causing rifts in relationships.

Effective communication is essential for maintaining healthy relationships, and couples therapy and counselling can help do just that. An experienced and highly trained therapist can teach couples how to speak openly, listen actively, and express needs and concerns. They can also assist in building and promoting empathy, compassion, and understanding between partners while addressing toxic communication patterns such as unwarranted criticism and stonewalling. 

  1. Conflict Resolution

No matter how perfect a relationship might be, there are bound to be disagreements. While having disagreements is normal and healthy, unresolved conflicts can build resentment and damage relationships over time. 

Couples therapy and counselling sessions offer a safe setting to address and resolve these issues. A therapist can also use various conflict resolution techniques to help partners argue constructively so that each partner can better understand the other’s perspective. 

  1. Rekindling Intimacy & Passion

A marriage that lacks physical and emotional intimacy can be straining for both partners and could easily contribute to a lack of relationship satisfaction leading to rifts in the relationship. Mismatched sex drives and a lack of affection, romance, and passion can lead to a lack of relationship satisfaction and even result in incidents of infidelity. 

Therapy can be an effective tool to help couples explore the root cause of dwindling intimacy and offer tailor-made solutions to help rekindle romance and passion. 

  1. Rebuilding Broken Trust

Breaking your partner’s trust can cause a lasting rift that is often the hardest to overcome or resolve. However, it is not impossible. 

Experienced therapists have tools and techniques at their disposal to help rebuild broken trust even after repeated betrayals by establishing boundaries, setting expectations, and addressing the root cause of breaking trust.  

  1. Managing Financial Stress & Parenting Disagreements

Financial and parenting disagreements are common in all relationships and are a frequent source of conflict for couples. Different styles of parenting and financial attitudes can inevitably lead to fights. 

Counselling can again provide a safe environment for couples to express their financial and parental concerns and work towards building a unified front when it comes to matters relating to child-rearing and financial planning. 

  1. Infidelity Recovery

Overcoming infidelity and rebuilding trust is one of the hardest and most complex issues couples can face. While counselling helps facilitate honest communication, this common relationship issue can only be resolved over time and after addressing the root cause of infidelity. 

A therapist can help couples establish boundaries and set realistic expectations and goals to help rebuild trust and improve communication. 

  1. Healing Trauma & Grief

Coping with illness, loss, and trauma can strain even the strongest bonds and therapy can be an effective way to help process difficult emotions either at an individual level or as a couple. 

A therapist can also provide tools and offer perspectives on how to support a partner during times of grief and how to process emotions to overcome traumatic events. 

Strengthen & Nurture Relationships With Couples Counselling & Therapy In Dartmouth

Couples therapy can provide solutions for communication issues, unresolved conflicts, intimacy and trust problems, parenting disagreements, financial stress, traumatic events, and other common relationship problems to help strengthen and nurture relationships.

At Spectrum Therapeutic Solutions our therapists utilise techniques and tools to get to the root causes of conflicts and offer tailored strategies to match unique relationship dynamics. Our couples counselling and therapy services have helped numerous couples gain insights into their interactions, resolve conflicts, and improve relationship satisfaction.

We’re here to help couples overcome challenges, no matter how big or small, and breathe new life into your connection by fostering greater compassion, intimacy, respect and enduring love. Call us today at (902) 932-2395 to learn more!


Q) When should couples consider therapy?

Couple therapy isn’t just for relationships in crisis. Couples should consider therapy even if they deem their relationship to be healthy. However, this form of therapy is most effective for couples wanting to improve communication, resolve intimacy problems, put at rest unresolved conflicts, or better understand their partner. It can provide invaluable insights and strategies and as such any couple can consider therapy at any point during their relationship.

Q) How much does couples therapy cost?

Couples therapy can cost anywhere from $100 an hour to $250 an hour or more in Canada depending on where you live and the therapist you choose. Our current rate is $150 hr.

Q) How effective are couples therapy and counselling for improving relationships?

As the article suggests, couples therapy and counselling can be instrumental in improving relationships and strengthening bonds. It is estimated that couples counselling has a success rate of roughly 70% and its growing popularity is a testament to its effectiveness. 

Q) Does insurance cover marriage counselling?

Typically marriage counselling isn’t covered by basic insurance. However, in recent years, more and more employers have added therapy and counselling to employee insurance plans and as such it is best to consult with your employer to see if your insurance plan would cover the cost of marriage counselling.

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