New Beginnings: A Refresher

New Beginnings: A Refresher Home Blog August 21, 2023 Anxiety, Change, Child and Family, Counselling, Family Therapy, Learning, Mental Health, Therapy New Beginnings: A Refresher I was greeted by a foggy mist in the distance and more green than I had ever seen in my life. My former home back in the USA is known… Continue reading New Beginnings: A Refresher

Learning Across The Spectrum

Learning Across The Spectrum Home Blog August 21, 2023 Learning, Professional Development, Team, Therapy Learning Across The Spectrum A year ago, when Felicia and I started planning for this phase of Spectrum, we looked at our passions. One that we both identified was professional development for our team. Not a big challenge to promote amongst… Continue reading Learning Across The Spectrum